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For Better or For Worse: Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Did I ever tell you that my husband is 6ft tall and 245ish pounds? It has always amazed me that in spite of his size, he can be pretty stealthy when he puts his mind to it.

I may have mentioned once, twice, or a hundred times that our 3yr old twins sometimes have trouble sleeping at night. Instead, they would rather carry on with each other having a little party, chatting it up and laughing. Other times they will cry, whine, and scream for me for any and every reason they can think of to get me in their room, knowing full well that their Dad is downstairs.

Well to remedy this situation, once in awhile my husband will come upstairs to surprise them. The twins aren't afraid of me, but they do respect their father's impressive form and booming voice. I have no idea how he does it, but my husband can walk up our flight of wooden stairs without making so much as a tiny creak. Then he can open their safety gate as quietly as a mouse. Once the gate is opened, he waits until the perfect moment to storm into the kids' bedroom to catch them red-handed. It works every single time. The twins always jump and scramble to get into beds and under the covers.

A couple of months ago, our daughter was driving me crazy. She kept getting out of bed and going to the safety gate (where she can see me at my desk in my bedroom) and talking to me non-stop. Well, my husband was able to sneak up the stairs while she was standing there thinking she was getting away with being out of bed. He waited until the perfect time and said, "Makenzie, what are you doing out of bed?!!" He scared the heck out of her and she cried and ran back to her bed. I know it should not be so funny to me to see my little girl scared, but I could not help but laugh and laugh (and then I laughed some more).