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Shop 'n' Share: Exclusive Automoblox Mini Hot Rods

In anticipation for my son earning his green belt in TKD, we had told him that he could choose one Automoblox car or truck to add to the small collection he already had. He had his eye on the full-size green SUV, which costs roughly $45. Then he changed his mind when he saw the new line of Automoblox Hot Rods. He ended up choosing this Mini Hot Rod HR2 which is sold exclusively on the Automoblox website. I think he made a fine choice, plus this one only costs $14.00 because it is a "mini".

It was nice that I could include a personalized message with this gift and it arrived printed on Automoblox letterhead. I tried so hard to compose a message that would be easy for a six year old to read. He read it easily and then tossed it aside, never giving it a second thought. He absolutely loves his hot rod though. I have a feeling he's going to be hitting me up for another one soon.

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