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Review: HomeFree Organic Allergen-Free Cookies

Although my children do not have any food allergies, my kindergartner has friends who do. In fact, he is not allowed to bring any foods for snack time that are peanut-based products. For this reason, I was curious to try HomeFree allergen-free cookies. It would be nice to keep some in the house for when children who are susceptible to these food allergies visit our home. These organic cookies are not only peanut-free, but they are also tree nut free, egg free, and dairy free.

We were sent three different types of cookies to try . . . an individually wrapped chocolate chocolate chip cookie, a box of mini chocolate cookies, and a box of organic oatmeal cookies. Now I am not a cookie connoisseur by any means, but I do like my cookies rich and decadent. I did not find these cookies to be rich or decadent, but they were very good considering they are better-for-you cookies.

The individually wrapped cookie was large and would be suitable to pack for a snack or for a dessert with lunch. It is more than 70% organic, contains no butter, and uses whole barley flour. This cookie was soft, so we could taste the whole grain, which I am not a fan of, but our children didn't mind it at all.

The mini chocolate chip cookies were my favorite of the bunch. They are also more than 70% organic and made with whole barley flour, but these were crispy, so we could not taste the graininess. These cookies are bite size and are perfect for younger children.

The soft oatmeal cookies came in a box of three 2-packs. The cookies were medium-sized so one 2pk was perfect to send to school with my son for snack time. I'm not a fan of oatmeal cookies in general because of the texture, but my kindergartner loved these.

Even though my children are picky eaters, they ate these cookies up without hesitation. I've tried all different types of better-for-you foods and have always come to the same conclusion . . . that children do not know what it means for food to be richer or more decadent. They only know that something may taste a little different, but different is not a bad thing to them, especially when it comes to cookies. I would definitely feel comfortable serving HomeFree cookies to my children's friends now knowing that children do enjoy them.

You can order HomeFree baked goods right on the HomeFree website, but you can also find them at most major supermarkets. also offers organic coffee cakes, allergen-free cookbooks, organic baking ingredients, and gift baskets.

Thank you to HomeFree for sending us sample products free of charge to base this review upon.