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Review: Cogs . . . a Puzzle Game for Those Who Love a Challenge

For the longest time, I have been staying away from puzzle games because of their addictive nature. I was one of those people who would play Tetris in my head after I put my head down on my pillow and shut my eyes at night. I also do not usually have the time to spend playing games for hours at a time nor do I have the willpower to stop if I am addicted.

Cogs is everything I want in a PC puzzle game. It is both fun and challenging, but not addictive. In fact when I get stumped on how to solve a puzzle, I can turn the game off and come back to it later with fresh eyes. It is the perfect diversion for someone like me who may need to pause the game and walk away because of a number of different reasons.

So far, the game is based upon sliding around gears or pieces of steam pipes to reach the goal that is presented to you before each game begins. The one shown below was quite challenging. The goal is to connect the pipes, but the game board is two-sided. Solving one side could very well undo the proper placement of the pipe pieces on the second side.

This is the puzzle I am currently trying to solve. The goal is to make both clocks advance at the same speed by rearranging the gears. I've already had to walk away twice.

Please take a minute to watch this demo of Cogs:

I received this review as a member of the Game Review Network. Visit for a chance to win your own download copy. If you would like to try this game for yourself, you can play the first 8 games for free when you download the Cogs game demo. If you like it, the full version is just $9.99 or under from any of the 3rd party sites offering this game. I personally think it is an excellent game for under $10, especially with 50 levels. For all you gamers on the go, you can also get Cogs for the iPhone.

Thank you to Lazy 8 Studios and the Game Review Network for providing a download of this game free of charge to base this review upon.