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Review: Breeze Comfort Perforated Push-Up Bra

It has always been an ongoing joke how much I am lacking in the chest area. I have been wearing push-up bras for as long as I can remember. I've bought many different brands in a variety of styles (demi cup, full coverage, molded cup, gel-filled, water-filled, convertible, strapless, etc . . . ) throughout my life, therefore I feel I can give a good assessment about the Breeze Comfort Push-Up Bras . . . at least from a small-breasted woman's point-of-view.
Breeze Comfort carries breathable padded bras, sport bras, and sport tanks. Their secret is a patented ventilated bra pad.

The graphic below shows how the perforations in the bra. When I hold my Breeze Comfort bra up to a light source, I can see the light shining through the perforations as illustrated in the graphic, even through the thickest parts of the padding.

Although I did not wear this bra to exercise, I did where it to go to the mall with three young children. That qualifies as a workout in my book. The mall is one place where I always feel overheated, especially when it's crowded. I have to say that I could notice a cooling effect similar to sitting in front of a fan while perspiring, but much more subtle than that of course.

As far as the fit and comfort goes, I very much liked that this bra is tagless and has elasticized adjustable shoulder straps. The underwire felt just like that of any other underwire bra. You could feel the rigid wire, but I have yet to find an underwire bra where I could not. This is the first full-coverage bra that has cups that fit me well. I am also very pleased that this bra is extremely smooth and would be a good choice to wear under a t-shirt, which usually shows every imperfection.

Currently you can purchase Breeze Comfort bras right on . All orders within the U.S. and Hong Kong ship for free. All other locations receive free shipping on orders over $50. To learn more about Breeze Comfort products, visit Breeze Comfort on Twitter and Breeze Comfort on Facebook.

Thank you to Breeze Comfort for sending us a sample product free of charge to base this review upon.