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Rainbow Brite Comes to Target, Toys R Us, and Your PC

One of the most well-known pop icons for young girls of the 80's, Rainbow Brite is making a comeback with a new updated look. To start, these three modern-looking dolls and the coordinating horses are already available at most Target stores. They will also be making their appearance at Toys R Us soon.

Meet Moonglow, Rainbow Brite, and Tickled Pink . . .

And Shimmer, Starlite, and Sunriser . . .

We wouldn't be able to call Rainbow Brite "modern" if she did not come with her own website. offers free online games and activities suitable for young children. Our 3yr old daughter was enthralled by the colorful and magical website. I thought using a sparkling wand for a cursor was a nice touch. Our daughter is a little young to use the website on her own, but luckily her 6yr old brother also found the games and activities to be enjoyable. Some of the activities include, customizable color posters, jigsaw puzzles, the Rainbow Rescue game, and much more. Both my 3yr old daughter and 6yr old son declared their favorite activity was the customizable print and color pages. This activity allowed them to drag and drop elements onto a coloring page, change the backgrounds, and then print the pages out to color themselves.

The Rainbow Rescue game was just the right difficulty level for a 6 or 7 year old. It is something that is challenging enough so that a child will need to make several attempts to get past a level. I thought it was fun for adults as well.

To enjoy these free games and activities or to take a closer look at the new Rainbow Brite toy collection, visit .

Thank you to MomSelect for sending us sample game CDs free of charge to base this review upon and to share with our friends and family.