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Pamper Your Man with Karen Neuburger Pajama Pants & a Manicure

My husband is a bug-getter, jar-opener, build-things-out-of-wood kind of guy, but he also likes to be presentable. He is far from being a GQ man, but he does make some effort to take care of himself. Does he go to the salon for facials and manicures . . . no, but he does use product in his hair, puts lotion on his face when it's dry, and likes to have new clothes.

If this sounds like a man in your life, then you might be interested to learn about these two products. The first is men's sleepwear by Karen Neuburger. KN Karen Neuburger for men is an excellent alternative to Joe Boxer. It is for men whose taste include a little bit of sophistication.

What we thought about the KN Plaid Pajama Pants for men:

1) An adjustable elasticized drawstring waist is always a plus in my book. This ensures that the pants will be comfortable whether my husband has gained or lost weight or has just finished a large meal.

2) Although pockets usually make this type of pants look bulky around the hip area, it is always handy to have them. The cotton/polyester blend used for these pants are so lightweight that bulkiness is not a factor at all.

3) My husband is about 6ft tall, but likes to wear his pants just below the waistline. He can usually wear a 31" inseam. These pants were the perfect length for him.

4) These pants washed very well. There was no shrinking, pilling, or misshaping after machine-washing and drying.

5) The weight of these pants were perfect for my husband who is always warm. He only wears flannel pajama pants around the house on the coldest winter days. These pants will work well for him for fall, winter, and early spring.

To view the full line of men's sleepwear and loungewear for men, visit .

Thank you to Karen Neuburger for providing a pair of sample pajama pants free of charge for us to base this review upon.


The second item you might like for your man is the Call Your Buff nail block from Paris Presents' Ms. Manicure. This block has 6 surfaces for a convenient quick way to make his hands look presentable. There are numbered surfaces for filing, shaping, neatening the edges, smoothing, buffing, and polishing.

This nail block retails for just $2.99 and can be found at major retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Rite Aid. My husband is a nail-chewer and was reluctant to have his hands photographed, so I took a photo of my own. As you can see the nail block leaves your nails with a healthy shine (the perfect amount of shine for a man), but not a high gloss that looks as if you are wearing a clear polish.

To view the full line of Ms. Manicure nailcare products or to learn more about other product lines by Paris Presents, visit .

Thank you to Paris Presents for providing us with a sample nail block free of charge to base this review upon.