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Our 6yr Old's First TKD Tournament

Last week our 6yr old son participated in his first TKD tournament. Since it was his first time, he only selected three categories to participate in. He was actually extremely nervous that day and was not feeling well on top of that. We realized later in the afternoon that he was running a fever. So, the fact that he brought home a silver and two bronze medals made us super-proud!

The category in which he won the silver medal was jumping. Can you do this? . . .

The second category was board breaking. We are so proud that he opted for a thicker board instead of choosing the thinner board, which would have been a piece of cake for him to break.

The third category was patterns. By then, you can see how not-so-good he was looking and he was getting flushed. Still, he made it through and got to take home three medals to remember the day. Hopefully next time he will be feeling 100% and not quite as nervous.