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For Better or For Worse: Rain Rain Go Away!

It's been raining for four days straight here in Massachusetts. After the second day, we started to wait for signs of flooding in the basement. It was inevitable since flooding has been a hot topic on the local news.

So finally it happened. The water started seeping in. We had purchased a utility pump last year after experiencing something similar. We wanted to be prepared. What we were not prepared for was having a part break on the pump that nobody seems to sell. Aren't Lowe's and Home Depot suppose to carry everything?

To top it all off, everyone was sold out of utility pumps (Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, . . . ) so we couldn't even replace the one that was not functioning. So my poor husband has had to use a wet/dry vac to keep up with the incoming water. To avoid having to carry all that water up the basement stairs, through the house, and out the door to empty it, he had to stand outside the basement window with the vacuum, emptying it every few minutes when it filled up. All the while, it was still raining on him.

I felt so badly for him. Even though it was not cold enough to snow, it was still cold and raw outside. He did his best to dress warmly, but could not wear gloves because they would have gotten soaked in a matter of seconds. I am so worried he is going to get sick.

I just wanted the world to know what a trooper my husband is for standing outside soaking wet in the dark. I know I would be completely miserable, bored, and lonely. I'll have to think of something extra nice to do for him after a day and a half of his sticking it out for the sake of our home.