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Review: Wow Toys Battery-Free "Harry Copter's Animal Rescue"

Battery-Free ToysWho better to be the first sponsor for my new "Kid Driven Toys" series about battery-free toys than Lou Lou's Corner, a children's boutique based in North Carolina that also has an online boutique. In addition to adorable children's fashions, Lou Lou's Corner carries the top name brands in battery-free toys, such as Alex Toys, Automoblox, Plan Toys, Wow Toys, and more.

I did not have any previous experience with Wow brand toys, so I was excited when Lou Lou's Corner suggested one of their products for a Kid Driven Toys feature. I just knew my 3yr old son was going to be thrilled with our choice.

Look what a lovely presentation Lou Lou's Corner created inside the shipping box. This is going above and beyond to make a child's memory of receiving a package from Lou Lou's Corner extra special. When the red tissue was pulled away, it revealed this battery-free toy helicopter made by Wow Toys.

What I thought about Harry Copter's Animal Rescue:

1) My first impression of this toy is that it appears to be chunky, sturdy, and durable. There are only 5 pieces total (the helicopter, paramedic, and 3 animals), so there are no small parts to lose. I can see why this toy is recommended for children as young as 18 months.

2) There are two main features that make this toy friction-based toy special for a child. The first is that it is kid-powered rather than battery-powered. A child just needs to grip the handle and pump the trigger to make the propeller spin. The handle is perfect for little hands and our 3yr old twins can both hold the helicopter with one hand.

3) The second feature is the magnet towards the front underside of the rescue helicopter. This allows the child to pick up and rescue the animal figures that need to be transported to safety.

4) The three animals that come with this set include an alligator, a panda, and a lion. One thing that makes these animals particularly endearing is that they each have a bandage to indicate an injury . . . on the alligator's tail, the panda's arm, and the lion's hind leg.

5) All three animals have magnets embedded in them so that the rescue copter can pick them up easily. That my 3yr old twins can use this magnetic feature with ease is so important in regards to allowing their imaginations to go further while playing with this toy.

6) A nice detail is the pair of decals inside the helicopter, which are already in place, of things a rescue paramedic might need. These items include medical supplies, a map, a mobile phone, a notepad, and a pencil.

7) Our 3yr old son, who has a special affinity towards planes, jets, and helicopters, was just thrilled with this toy. He was so proud that he could make the propellers turn and pick up the animals using the magnet without any help from me. His twin sister also was extremely curious about how this helicopter worked without batteries.

To view the extensive line of friction-based battery-free Wow Toys vehicles, visit . Also, you should browse Lou Lou's Corner's Red Tag Sale. You can find some excellent buys on children's clothing, shoes, and toys there. Plus there is flat rate UPS Ground shipping of just $4.95 for orders up to $65 and Free Shipping on orders over $65.

Thank you to Lou Lou's Corner for sending us a sample toy free of charge to base this review upon.