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Review: Sesame Street's "Let's Make Music" (DVD)

Sesame Street Workshop's and Warner Home Video's DVD titled Let's Make Music has quickly become one of my family's favorite DVDs about music. Although most parents are happy to watch Sesame Street anytime with their toddlers and preschoolers, it is rare that the parents would find the show engaging for themselves. This DVD is an exception to that rule.

On this 40-minute DVD, our friend Telly misplaces his tuba and is convinced that he will not be able to make music again without it. Who better to show him that he is wrong than the cast members of Stomp, the amazingly talented percussion performance group?

Let's Make Music shows the audience that formal instruments are not needed to create music, but rather almost anything that makes a sound can be used to make music. Examples illustrated on this DVD are everyday objects, such as pots and brooms, as well as parts of the body, like one's hands and feet.

This DVD retails for just $9.99 and would make a fun educational addition to any toddler's or preschooler's Easter basket or Christmas stocking. You should be able to find it most places where Sesame Street DVDs are sold.

Thank you to Sesame Workshop for providing a sample DVD free of charge for us to base this review upon.