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Review: PCI Post Diagnostics Test Card

Recently, a website called Budget Gadgets that sells tech items for extremely low prices was brought to my attention. I was very curious to try out some of these items, as I was skeptical about how well their products would perform at such amazing prices. One of the items I received to review was a Motherboard Diagnostic Card Tester. Since we have multiple PCs in our household, this certainly is a handy gadget to have around.

What my husband and I thought about this PCI Post Diagnostics Test Card:

1) This product may not be for you if you do not have at least some experience with using such test cards. The reason is because there is no documentation included. There are no instructions, no list translating the code results, no mention of a manufacturer, and no troubleshooting tips. However, all this information can be found online through search engines if you know what to look for, as long as you know what bios your computer has.

2) The display extension is long, which is very convenient. The digital display on the extension is adjustable in that you can change the view depending on which way it is positioned relative to you.

3) The card appears to have a power supply test indicator via 8 LEDs, but this indicator is not on the extended display.

4) The card always shows the last code, but you are able to cycle back to look through the previous codes.

5) The digital display on both the card and the extended display are large, bright, and easy to read in most lighting situations.

6) The cost of this card is just $8.35. The low price outweighs the inconvenience of having to look for the code results online. This product does the job and that is the important thing. This card would be great for any PC repair business or school because the cost goes down as the quantity you purchase goes up. offers Free Shipping Worldwide. For a limited time, you can receive an additional 5% off the already low prices when you use CODE: KM5OFF10 at checkout.

Thank you to Budget Gadgets for sending us a sample diagnostics test card free of charge to base this review upon.