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Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Minnie's Bow-tique" (DVD)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all the DVDs stemming from this Playhouse Disney children's program have become a staple in our house. My youngest son, who just turned 3, is the biggest Mickey Mouse fan ever. In fact, he sleeps with a plush Mickey Mouse doll that he received for his birthday.

On February 9th, a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD will be hitting store shelves. This one is titled Minnie's Bow-tique and features the never-before-seen episode "Minnie's Pajama Party". Although the four episodes on this DVD have plot lines that revolve around Minnie, all four episodes did a very good job of keeping both my daughter and my sons engaged.

Here is a synopsis of each episode featured on this 96-minute DVD . . .

"Minnie's Pajama Party" is about a sleepover planned by Minnie for five of her friends. Good friends, a pajama dance, a bedtime story, and a little pajama party pie guaranteed a successful party. This episode teaches the viewer about the number six, including how to count to six and how to divide a circle into six equal pie pieces.

"Minnie's Bow-tique" tells the events of the Grand Opening of Minnie's new boutique. The viewer will be impressed by how many types of bows Minnie sells in her store, including unusual ones such as a mood bow, a grow bow, a disco bow, and a camera bow tie. This episode teaches the viewer how to sort by patterns and touches upon basic addition.

"Minnie's Bee Story" is about the Clubhouse gang's adventures during their search for their friend the bumblebee. This episode encourages the viewer to think about how more than one thing can make similar sounds, such as buzzing.

"Minnie's Picnic" tells the story of how Minnie planned a picnic for eleven of her friends, only things do not go as smoothly as she would have liked. This episode teaches the viewer how to count to twelve. It also touches on adding by fives and basic subtraction.

Between February 9th and April 6th, 2010, you can purchase this DVD with a bonus Minnie Mouse set of magnets and picture frame right inside the specially marked package. You should be able to find this DVD at the Disney Store and most places where Disney DVDs are sold.

Thank you to Click-Communications for providing us with a sample DVD to base this review upon and for providing a press release with information about this DVD and WDSHE.