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Review: "Ball Claw" Ball Storage System

When you have three young children, almost everything is a process, including getting everyone ready to go outside to play. After a round of socks, shoes, sunglasses, sun hats, and sunscreen, there is still gear to gather. Anyway to make our children more self-sufficient is a step in the right direction. That's where the Ball Claw comes in.

This simple invention allows us to store balls of all different types off the floor on free wall space. Currently, the Ball Claw comes in three sizes . . . one for regulation size basketballs, one for soccer and volleyballs or youth basketballs, and one for youth to regulation size footballs or smaller playground type balls.

What we thought about our Ball Claws:

1) They were easy to install. The Ball Claws just screw into the wall and comes with a circular cover bearing the Ball Claw logo to cover the screw.

2) Before I saw these in person, I thought that the claws would be on a spring and I was worried about whether a young child would be able to insert and remove a ball easily. That is not the case at all. The whole Ball Claw is plastic and there are no springs. The claws are ever-so-slightly flexible. Our 3yr olds had no problems using this product at all.

3) I was pretty happy that we were able to make use of vacant wall space. We put our Ball Claws in a row about 2 feet off the floor right under our row of coat hooks.

4) This product is much more user-friendly for younger children than other types of ball storage, such as drawstring mesh bags and deep bins.

If you tend to look for products that are made in the U.S.A. then you have just found another one. At $11.99 each, I think the Ball Claw is reasonably priced, considering how much use a household like mine would get out of them. I also think this product would be exceptionally useful in a school, a gym, or a youth center.

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Thank you to for sending us sample Ball Claws free of charge to base this review upon.