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Review: Air Bud "Golden Receiver" (DVD)

Being a dog-lover at heart, I am a big sucker for dog movies. Since my husband has a soft spot for dogs also, I am happy to report that our children are well on their way to becoming dog-lovers themselves.

On February 2nd, a new Disney movie became available on DVD called Air Bud: Golden Receiver. This movie stems from a series started by the original Air Bud movie. Other DVDs in this series are Snow Buddies, Santa Buddies, and Space Buddies. Although this film is rated G, there are themes that my children may not have understood, such as losing a spouse and a parent, dating, and falling in love. Nevertheless, my two preschoolers and one kindergartner (as well as my husband and I) found this movie to be very entertaining.

I liked that the movie gave the audience a taste of how this Golden Retriever named Buddy became Air Bud in the original movie by playing basketball. If you could not guess, this movie is about how Buddy develops a new love for football along with his best friend Josh.

Take a look at how Buddy makes his football debut . . .

One thing that really appealed to my children was the physical comedy in this movie. There was a lot of falling down, which they found to be extremely amusing. The antics of the dognappers also caused them to laugh out loud. Let us not forget Buddy's signature victory dance, which he did after each touchdown. Our 3yr old son thought it looked like so much fun that he had to give it a try himself.

As added bonuses, this DVD is specially packaged with an Air Bud Sport Whistle Necklace. It also includes the BUDDIES puppies in a bonus feature where they give a play by play of their canine dad's football games on the set of Sports Channel. I thought that the bonus feature was cute, but it may appeal more to someone who actually watches Sports Channel.

If you have a grade school-aged child, this DVD would be a great idea for putting in their Easter basket or using as a stocking stuffer this year. You should be able to find Air Bud: Golden Receiver most places where Disney DVDs are sold.

Thank you to Click-Communications for sending us a sample DVD free of charge to base this review upon.