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Pardon the Dust . . . Installing a New Template Today!

Because of recent changes implemented by Blogger to limit the amount of html each page is allowed to show, my blog template is no longer functional for my readers. Also, I refuse to limit the number of photos I can share of my family and the products I review. There are two main problems I am trying to solve . . .

1) When my readers click on the various categories in the drop-down menus, Blogger no longer shows all the posts in that category because of the html limit. This keeps my readers from having access to the majority of my previous posts.

2) The number of posts that show on the front page changes all the time depending on how much html is contained in my most recent posts. The yo-yo-ing of my main column's length is not something I care for very much. Plus it looks very strange to have two columns of mini-posts with an odd number of posts showing, which is sometimes the case due to this html limit Blogger has imposed on us.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this blog redesign may cause my readers. This is my last effort before I am forced to switch to WordPress. Hopefully, the access to my posts will be normal for most of the day and you will only have to put up with cosmetic changes and shifting of elements on my sidebars.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully these changes will make my site user-friendly again.