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A Pair of Frozen Potatoes

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook, then you probably have heard my complaining about our lack of heat since Tuesday morning. It seems that a pipe had burst in our community of townhouses, so we had no heat or hot water.

Even though it was chilly in the house during the day, it really did not get to be frigid until the sun started to go away. Luckily our hot water returned Tuesday night. We were also fortunate enough to have plenty of extra blankets for everyone to sleep with. Even though the problem had been fixed, the heat did not begin to return until late this morning. My husband had to bleed the radiators several times and predicts that the temperature in the house won't be back to normal until this evening.

Here is a photo of the twins dressed in multiple layers including fleece hats and extra socks. They sat on the sofa under the blanket like a couple of frozen couch potatoes most of the morning. They had to make sure to keep their hands under the blankets to avoid putting on mittens.

Well, the feeling is starting to return to my fingers, so I am going to do a lot of catching up on blogging today. Be warned!