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Our 6yr Old is Now a Green Belt in TKD

Our 6yr old son has officially retired his yellow belt in taekwon do. He now has a green belt, which is technically a "recommended" green belt. If I understand correctly, if you are under a certain age, you can only earn a green belt with a black stripe that runs lengthwise.

Jake was so excited the evening before his promotion. He has had his yellow belt for over a year and, although he has earned stripes on it, he was ready to hang it up on his belt rack above his white belt.

The event was not really a test, but rather an opportunity for all the students to show their families what they can do. Only students who have already proven themselves to qualify for a promotion are invited to the event.

After doing some basic moves as a large group, the students were broken up into smaller groups by age to show off their offensive moves.

Jake broke his first 3/4" thick by 5" deep board. I know he was nervous about doing that. My husband and I are so proud that he made the attempt and were so very thrilled for him that he was successful.

After that they called up groups of students, depending on which promotion they were receiving, to do their patterns. Only one other student in this age group was going for his green belt.

Here is the proud moment where one of the instructors presents Jake with his new green belt. I took so many photos during the event that my camera battery almost ran out of charge. Luckily, it still had a little life left in it.

After the ceremony, we took Jake to Friendly's to have a celebratory lunch and ice cream. He said that he chose mint chocolate chip ice cream for his sundae because it was green to match his belt.