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Lea Industries Introduces Nickelodeon Bedroom Furniture

Lea Industries, a division of La-Z-Boy Furniture devoted to youth bedroom furniture, will introduce a new line called "Nickelodeon MyRoom" this month. This is the first licensed furniture line for children that I've seen that comes from a higher end furniture brand, as opposed to plastic or thin particle board RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture that comes in a box.

We won't be buying new furniture for the twins until we can move to a larger house and they can each have their own bedrooms, but it's fun to think ahead about how we might decorate each room. I believe that children are much better off when their bedrooms are a happy, inviting, and safe place to be. I think Lea Industries is on the right track.

Although I was only supplied with these two photos to share with my readers, I do believe this new line will also include other Nickelodeon characters, such as Spongebob and iCarly. I look forward to seeing these sets in person when they finally hit the furniture stores in my area.

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