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Caring For Aging Parents

As I am quickly approaching middle-age, thoughts about caring for my husband's mother and my aging parents have crept into my mind with increasing frequency. I am extremely lucky in that my sister and brother-in-law have built a single level in-law apartment into their home in which my parents could live.

My sister had the foresight to plan ahead by equipping my parent's bathroom with extra handle bars and so forth. Also my parents have already purchased a set of adjustable beds, even though they are by no means immobile. I remember how they had to shop from store to store for these beds. It was quite a chore because most furniture stores only have one or two choices for products such as this.

I actually use to sell furniture for a national chain and remember that we never had more than one choice available for adjustable beds and no more than two choices for reclining lift chairs. When the time comes to shop for mobility products, such as lift chairs and scooters, I will turn to a tool like Mobility Compare. By then we will not be able to drag my parents from store to store, so taking advantage of any online shopping tools would be the smartest route for us.

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