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Zambi the Baby Elephant, the Face of Project Zambi

In fall of 2009, Hasbro introduced a special edition FURREAL toy elephant named Zambi to the world. This baby elephant is the first toy released as part of Project Zambi, which was organized by Hasbro and its employees to work in conjunction with the Hasbro Children's Fund to benefit the orphans who have lost their parents or caretakers to AIDS in Africa.

Hasbro has and will continue to donate 50% of sales generated by Zambi the Baby Elephant worldwide to Project Zambi for a minimum of $500,000. By purchasing this toy for a child, your gift will be two-fold. You will be helping to fund a worthy cause as well as making a child you know smile, especially when you tell that child the story behind Zambi.

Please take a moment to watch this brief demonstration of how Zambi can interact with your child:

What makes this interactive FURREAL elephant even more special is that it comes packaged with a unique Project Zambi bracelet. This bracelet shares the artwork that also appears on Zambi's ears, which was created by children of Africa.

I look forward to seeing what additional products will be added to the Project Zambi line in the future. Visit to find out where you can purchase Zambi the Baby Elephant both locally and online.

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