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The Twins' 3rd Birthday

Last week our twins Luke and Makenzie turned 3! It seems like just yesterday they were so tiny and helpless sleeping in the NICU at the hospital. Now we are already registering them to start preschool in the fall.

We decided to celebrate with a small family dinner at my sister's and brother-in-law's house. The evening started off shaky when we went to pick up the cake and it wasn't ready. Plus the store put the wrong balloons in my balloon order and there was nobody there who could fix it for us. Luckily, the rest of the evening went much more smoothly.

Here are the twins at home ready to go to their aunt's and uncle's house. They are holding the special birthday poster that their big brother made for them . . .

And these were our hosts, my sister and brother-in-law . . .

The twins' dinner of choice was pepperoni pizza, although I think they were too excited at the prospect of presents and birthday cake to finish their dinner.

Makenzie always takes her time eating, so her father was nice enough to sit with her to keep her company while she nibbled on her pizza.

I thought it would be fun for the birthday boy and girl to wear crowns this year. Luke's fit him perfectly . . . Makenzie's not so much.

Needless to say, the kids' favorite part of having a birthday is the excitement of opening gifts . . .

The twins' big brother Jake also had a birthday earlier this month. His aunt, uncle, and maternal grandparents saved his birthday gifts to give him at this family dinner so he wouldn't feel left out.

Time for birthday cake . . .

The twins had to call on their big brother for help with blowing out the candles.

You'd think apple juice and cake would not be a good combination to give children right before bedtime, but the birthday boy and girl were so tuckered out that they had no problems falling asleep that night. (Staying asleep was a different matter altogether though.)