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Shopping For Valentine's Day at Christmas

Since I have three children all with birthdays in January, I already shop for their birthday gifts while I am doing my holiday shopping. It makes sense, doesn't it? I might as well take advantage of all the amazing shopping deals. Plus it gives me less to do right after Christmas.

I was thinking today about why more people do not shop for Valentine's Day gifts while they are doing their holiday shopping? Whether you are buying a red cashmere sweater, a diamond heart pendant, or a microwave oven (how romantic) you will surely find the best deals during the end of November through Christmas. This also gives you time to compare shopping prices, something I am a firm believer in. Sometimes when I find an amazing deal in a store, I still hop on the Internet when I get home to see if I got the best deal possible.

I know you are thinking that you could also wait to hit the after Christmas sales. This is very true, but you are risking the gifts you really want selling out. I try to avoid last minute shopping at all cost. Can you tell?