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Shop 'n' Share: Star Wars Darth Trooper Skull T-Shirt

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can share some of the cool gifts I found without ruining the surprise for the recipients. This Star Wars t-shirt is something I stumbled across on Google. It turns out that Marc Ecko carries a whole line of limited edition Star Wars clothing, including t-shirts and outerwear. Who knew?

This is the design on the t-shirt we chose for my 3 children to give as a Christmas gift to their father, who is a huge Star Wars fan. Although many of the artistic Star Wars shirts were a little too far out there for my husband's taste, I think this design has a huge coolness factor.

In the future, what I'll have to do is watch for new items to be added to the Star Wars clearance section. I paid regular price for this shirt and now I see it is on clearance for $19.99 . I would have to be fast though. It seems like the larger sizes sell out first.