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Review: The Pocket Referee Coin

TWINtuitive Product #22

I chose these pocket-sized peacemakers called The Pocket Referee to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because, as a parent of twins, I've come to learn that you just cannot have two of everything. Even if you had the money and the room to buy two of all material things, there just are not two seats on Mom's lap and it is not possible for two different children to both go first. This product would reduce the stress in any household with more than one child, but especially the ones with children closer in age because they just have more to argue about.

What I thought about The Pocket Referee:

1) Between the Antique Brass and the Special Edition gold finished coin, my kindergartner liked the bright shiny golden one better.

2) Both my kindergartner and I were very surprised about the weight of the coin. It is extremely solid and heavy, which actually makes it more difficult to lose, as well as making the coin look and feel more official. It also makes it more durable against the antics of 3 small children.

3) The coin has two different sides so it can also be used to settle disputes by flipping it.

4) The concept is very simple. Each child takes turns having possession of the coin. The child who has the coin gets to make the decision if there is a dispute. If the child decides to use the coin, then he or she needs to relinquish the coin to the child who is next in line.

5) The Pocket Referee comes with one coin, an official Pocket Referee velvet carrying pouch, a Pocket Referee carabiner clip, and printed instructions. This is great for older children who are more responsible, but what about younger children or children who do not have belt loops that day? I had to come up with a way to implement The Pocket Referee system without having the coin be lost so easily.

What I came up with is these 3 mini buckets that I purchased at the local dollar store for only $1 for the set of 3. I put a sticker with each child's name on the front of each bucket. Now we can clearly see who has the coin and we can easily transfer the coin from one bucket to the next as called for.

Both my husband and I were skeptical about how The Pocket Referee would work on our three children. Once they begin to argue, they are only focused on getting their own way. I am embarrassed to admit that our children listen to this coin more readily than they do their own parents. Our children like the idea of having the power to make a decision that is final, so they in turn have to recognize the same power when someone else has the coin. The Pocket Referee squashes any argument in a timely manner and reduces the stress of listening to a long drawn out argument that often leads to yelling and sometimes tears.

You can currently find The Pocket Referee in both finishes on for $12.95 and $15.95. Visit for a complete list of local and online retailers.

Thank you to The Pocket Referee for sending us two samples to base our review upon.