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Review: "Guinness World Records 2010" The Book of the Decade

I recently had the pleasure of introducing the wonderful world of Guinness World Records to our kindergartner. He just turned 6 and is at the perfect age where he can understand the magnitude of some of these world records enough to be extremely impressed by them.

The layout of each page is categorized, so that the information is presented in an organized fashion, but also is visually dynamic at the same time. Every page is packed with images. In fact, there is so much information to take in on each page, my son and I look through about a dozen pages at a time. We have still yet to look through the entire book.

Although my son is a beginner reader, he can understand much of this book independently because of the many images. It is clear to him when the record involves something being the largest in the world. He has also come to recognize the words "actual size" which appear on several images in this book.

So far, I think my son is most impressed by the tallest man in the world. He was in awe when I explained that this man was almost 3 feet taller than his own father, whom he thinks is extremely tall at 6ft. He even went as far as questioning whether the things I showed him in this book were fictional and staged. I assured him that they were not and he was again in awe.

To learn more about the current Guinness World Records and about how to set a new record, visit . You should be able to find the Guinness World Records 2010 book at your local bookstores and online at, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. To keep up with the latest Guinness news, you can follow Guinness World Records on Twitter.

Thank you to Guinness World Records for sending us a book on which to base this review.