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Review: Children's Personalized Pirate T-Shirts

TWINtuitive Product #23

I chose these personalized kids t-shirts by Hopscotch Tees to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because, even though it is so much fun to dress both identical and fraternal twins alike whether they are boy/girl or the same gender, it is nicer to have outfits that are similar rather than 100% alike so that each child has his or her own identity. This can be achieved by purchasing different colors or having the clothing personalized for each twin. offers multiple styles of personalized t-shirts for both boys and girls. What really caught my eye were the tees that had a version for boys and another version for girls. One such design is the pirate t-shirt we received for this review.

What I thought about our Hopscotch Tees Pirate T-Shirts:

1) I must share how nicely the shirts were presented. They arrived in a ribbon-tied box ready for gift-giving. This is extremely convenient, especially if you happen to be sending a gift to a child who lives too far for you to present the gift yourself.

2) My children were delighted to be surprised with two rainbow lollipops bearing the Hopscotch Tees logo tucked inside the box under the tissue paper.

3) Our twins' t-shirts were personalized in 3 ways. Each shirt has the child's name, their geographic location, and their year of birth. This made our shirts much more special than simply having each one personalized with the twins' first names.

4) The Hopscotch Tees logo is on the upper back of each shirt. Sometimes I don't care for company logos on the outside of clothing, but I found this one to be subtle, as well as fun and lighthearted.

5) We washed our shirts inside-out in cold water and dried them on low heat. There were no signs of shrinkage or pilling. The only problem we had was the faintest hint of blue bleeding from the design on our son's shirt. The blue did come out after we washed the shirt a second time.

6) Both twins wear a size 3 currently, so these size 4 t-shirts seem to be true to size. We were able to comfortably layer long-sleeved shirts under these t-shirts.

7) I also would like to point out that our shirts arrived in just a few days. Hopscotch Tees usually ships orders within 72 hours or less via USPS Priority Mail. This is a huge money-saver if you happen to be in a rush because you can avoid paying for expedited shipping.

8) I would love to see matching stationary, such as party invitations and thank you cards, to coordinate with some of the adorable t-shirt designs.

The photo above was taken at our kindergartner's birthday party. Our twins wore their shirts proudly on their big brother's special day. I wish I had thought to bring their pirate hats with us. They would have been the perfect accessories to go with these shirts.

The shirts offered by Hopscotch Tees are not limited to children's t-shirts. They offer 3-6mos onesies all the way up to Men's x-large t-shirts. To view the full line of Hopscotch Tees, visit .

Thank you to HopScotch Tees for sending us two children's t-shirts to base this review upon.