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Our Kindergartner's Birthday Party

On Sunday, we hosted Jake's 6th birthday party at a local arts and crafts studio. This was the second year in a row that we had his party there. That's how much he loves it.

The party was not actually on Jake's birthday, but I think he didn't mind. On Tuesday, he'll get to open another present from his family and share cupcakes with his kindergarten classmates.

I took way too many photos, but here are a handful that will help to summarize the birthday party . . .

For the first year, the twins were old enough to attend Jake's party. Here they are all playing in studio's playspace while waiting for the guests to arrive.

There were about 12 children altogether. They each were able to choose from a preselected assortment of wooden crafts. The twins continued to play in the playspace since their participating in the painting would have required closer supervision than we could provide.

Jake had first choice because he was the birthday boy. He chose the wooden treasure chest bank, as did many of the children. There were also some who went with the purse and the small chest of drawers.

While the projects were drying, all the children patiently stood in line for their choice of one tattoo art. Jake chose the flames tattoo, while the twins chose a dragon and a butterfly. The dragon was extremely popular amongst the guests and they all got them in different colors.

While the other guests were getting their tattoos, the rest of the children played in the playspace, which was chock full of Melissa & Doug toys, including a playhouse, a castle, a kitchen, the produce stand, the mailbox, and more.

We ordered a Kungfu Panda cake from Stop & Shop that was the same size as Jake's Speed Racer cake last year. We expected to have almost half of the cake leftover again, but these kids did a great job. Many even asked for seconds. I don't blame them. The marble cake with the whipped (less sugary) frosting is always a huge hit.

All that miraculously took place in slightly over an hour and a half. After cake, we sent the kids home with their parents tattooed, all sugared up, and some still covered in paint. A fun time was had by all!