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One More Birthday Gift!

Since Jake's party did not take place on his actual birthday, we saved our gift for him to open on his actual birthday on Tuesday. It was just a couple of little things, since his party was really his gift and he had just received tons of presents from his classmates only a couple of weeks after Christmas.

We got Jake a specific Lego kit he had gone crazy about last November. He was thrilled by it. We also got him a custom made necklace of wooden beads and a silver shark's tooth. It was really impossible to find anything like it that wasn't sized for teens, so I was thrilled to find an Etsy seller who made them. I actually got Luke an identical one for his birthday too, which is in about two weeks. He is going to be so surprised.

If you think that's it for presents for Jake, you're wrong. Since we don't celebrate his birthday with our family until the twins' birthday in a couple of weeks, he will have a couple more to open from family members at that time. I think he prefers having his gifts all spread out like that.