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New 3G2S Series: Kid Driven Toys

Since Christmas, I cannot even tell you how much money we've spent on batteries for toys we've gifted and for toys we've received. Then I thought about all the toys that have run out of batteries almost on a daily basis.

There are some toys that at least one child plays with regularly. Those are the ones we always replace the batteries for. Then there are some that do not get played with very often, so we make the decision to leave them without batteries for awhile until the children decide they want to play with that toy again. For this reason, there are many toys sitting around taking up space that do not function. This is such a waste of space and money, so I decided it would worthwhile to create a series of product reviews focusing on toys that are kid-powered rather than battery-powered.

I am very much looking forward to discovering fun and engaging, but battery-free, toys for my three children.