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General Mills Commits to Further Reducing Sugar in Children's Cereals

Towards the end of 2009, General Mills announced their commitment to even further reduce the amount of sugar in the children's cereals they produce. It is said that many General Mills cereals have already been reduced in sugar, but I must say that my children have not even noticed the difference in taste. I doubt they will during this next round either.

Sugar intake has always been a concern of mine. My children are not obese by any means, but I am concerned about their attention spans and being too hyper. While I do not deprive them of their favorite presweetened cereals, I have made it a habit of mixing them with unsweetened Cheerios or Kix. Each bowl would be about 50/50. When they were even younger, I use to serve the cereal in a 1:3 sweetened to unsweetened ratio.

It is said that children who eat breakfast perform better in school overall. I believe this to be true. I have never skipped breakfast in my whole life and neither have any of my children. I know that when I'm hungry, I get tired, grouchy, and have trouble focusing. Who wants to feel like that all the way until lunchtime, whether you are an adult or a child?

Thank you to MyBlogSpark for providing the information for this article on behalf of General Mills and also for sending me vouchers for breakfast cereal as a thank you for participating in this campaign.