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Free Easy Photo Collages & Wallpapers

Last month, this company called Photovisi dropped me an email to introduce their new photo collage website. I told them that I would check it out and, if I liked it, I would be happy to share it with my readers. I did not get a chance to look around the site until today, but I am glad I did.

Although I could create a collage like the one below using any graphics software, I would not be able to complete it in just 5 minutes. That's how long it took for me to make this photo collage. Basically, I chose one of 18 layouts, uploaded all the photos I wanted to use in one step, and added one more photo for the background. Here is a summary of how you can customize your collage:
  1. You can move each photo by dragging and dropping it with your mouse.
  2. You can bring any photo to the front by just clicking on it.
  3. You can change how the photo is framed by re-cropping it.

Something I would like to have seen is the ability choose which photos show up as landscape or portrait. Many times A vertical photo would show up in a horizontal frame, so I had to crop the photo to show the section of the photo that was important. Also, there is no way to edit the background at all.

Still, this was a quick and easy way to create a collage. When I was done, I clicked on save. Then I was presented with several photo gifts I had the option to purchase along with the link to download my collage for free. After I downloaded it and saved a copy on my computer, I just right-clicked on the image and selected "Set As Background" and it popped right into place as my computer's wallpaper.

I think if you take a lot of photos and like to change your wallpaper frequently, then is a useful time-saving tool. It also gives you a fresh way to present your photos on your blog or website.

This article was written based on my own experiences with this website. I was not compensated in anyway for sharing my experiences with my readers.