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"Extraordinary Measures" and $10,000 For Your Cause

Extraordinary Measures, the highly anticipated film which brings Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Keri Russell together on the silver screen, opens on Friday, January 22nd. This movie tells the inspirational story of two men who put everything on the line to find a treatment for an incurable childhood disease, a disease with which Fraser's and Russell's characters' two children have been diagnosed.

In keeping with the spirit of this film, through January 26th, 2010, you can enter to win $10,000 for the charity of your choice by submitting a short video of a moving story to be included in the Inspirational Quilt. Your video can be a dramatic one or simply a photo slide show. The number of votes each video receives is directly related to the number of entries into this sweepstakes the entrants will receive. Even if you do not submit a video of your own, you can help someone else win $10,000 for their chosen cause by just voting for the videos that inspire you.

You can read the official sweepstakes rules here.

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