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10 Ways to Get Fit During Cold Weather

Living in New England makes it tough to stay active during the winter. Twitter Moms and EA Sports would like to know how you get fit after the holidays. Do you live in a climate that allows you to still play outside with your children or do you live somewhere that offers mostly below freezing temperatures this time of year? Well, I fall in the latter category, so I have been faced with the challenge of thinking of alternative ways to get fit.

Aside from playing on the Wii or joining a gym, here are some ideas I have for being active indoors and for eating better:

1) Have regularly scheduled dance parties with your children. Put some rock 'n' roll, hip-hop, or techno music on (whatever gets you and your children moving) and dance for at least 20 minutes like nobody's watching.

2) Make extra trips walking up and down the stairs. If you usually save several things to carry up or down the stairs all at once, carry them one at a time instead.

3) When folding laundry, put the basket of clean laundry on the floor. That way you will need to do extra bending and reaching.

4) Vacuum the entire house at least twice a week.

5) Buy a family yoga video, so you can have some active family time.

6) Buy a hula hoop!

7) Replace a portion of your dinner with salad every night.

8) Replace at least half your soda intake with water daily.

9) Replace at least one snack or dessert with fruit daily.

10) Go shopping at the mall, making sure you walk all the way around the mall (even if there are multiple levels) at least once before you let yourself buy anything.

I think everything on my list is realistic. Do you have any tips you'd like to add to the list? I'd love to hear them.

This post was written as an entry into a contest to win EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer hosted by Twitter Moms and sponsored by EA Sports.