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Save on Wasted Gift Wrapping

Envirosax has put out this quick video about how to use their designer reusable tote bags to save on wasted wrapping paper for the holidays. Since their totes come in lots of fun, modern, and sophisticated prints, I think this is a great idea for any giver or recipient who is trying to be a little more green.

Each bag measures 19.5" x 16.5" so they are large enough to accomodate medium to large gifts, whether they are boxed or not. Why not make the wrapping as part of the gift instead of using paper that will be admired for a few minutes and then torn off and tossed? This applies to birthday, anniversaries, Mother's Day, or anyday gifts . . . not just those given for the holidays.

Visit the Envirosax blog for more tips on how to be a little more green this holiday.