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Review: Wacoal Shapewear

With the holidays upon us, I know you may be thinking whether you will fit into that new outfit or your favorite dress after feasting on turkey, stuffing, and apple pie leftovers repeatedly. We all want to look our best at that company Christmas party or when we get together for that annual reunion with relatives.

Wacoal shapewear offers shaping undergarments for three different levels of control, including camisoles, body briefers, leg shapers, and briefs. I have tried shaping hosiery before, but I was extremely curious to see how a product like this Wacoal Shape Brief could help someone like me, who has gone through two pregnancies, during one of which I had carried twins.

I selected the Shape Brief because it was listed as offering firm control. I need a lot of help in the mid-section, so even though I did not just give birth, I can write this review on behalf of women who did. My tummy is soft and the skin has been permanently stretched out. On my worst day, I look like I am still four months pregnant.

These photos show the panels on the inside of this shapewear. The one above shows the tummy panel and the one below shows the panel that goes down the hip and under the buttocks. The nylon/spandex is very soft, smooth, and strong.

What I liked about this garment is that I could feel the control and the fact that those panels were doing their jobs. After I got use to that restrictive feeling, I do think that this brief can be worn throughout the duration of a party or another event, but I am not sure I could last a whole day wearing it. I do think that the waistband could go up maybe an inch higher just for a feeling of security because I was constantly worried that the brief would start to slide downwards. Also, if the waistband was a little higher, it would have been more seamless under my clothing.

Although this Wacoal Shape Brief did make a difference, you have to keep in mind that it is not a magic shape brief. If you still look like you are 5 months pregnant, then you will most likely look like you are 4 months pregnant while wearing this garment. I do think that if you only need a little bit help, then you probably would be able to achieve a flat tummy look while wearing this firm control shapewear. The only way to know what results you will achieve is by trying it because no two bodies are alike.

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Thank you to Wacoal for providing us with a review product free of charge.