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Review: The Ultimate Cloth . . . For Chemical Free Cleaning

As a little girl, my mother drilled into my head that she did not like cleaning with chemicals. On the few occasions that she did, she would go back and rinse and re-rinse the surface with hot water. Even though my mother told me that cleaning with chemicals was not good for me, I still had it in my head that surfaces would not be truly clean unless some type of disinfecting chemical was used.

This is why I was curious to try The Ultimate Cloth. This product claims to remove 96% of the bacteria from surfaces with just the use of hot water, but that is not something we can test. What we could test was how well this cloth worked with cleaning and polishing things we can see, like dust and dirt.

What we thought about these MiraFiber cleaning cloths:

1) At first sight, these cloths look and feel like a sueded paper, but they are actually very strong. Once wet, they feel more like a rubbery paper.

2) For use on glass, we found that you must wring out the cloth very well in order to achieve streak free cleaning.

3) The cloth does pick up a limited amount of dust and lint on glass. However, if you are cleaning a surface that is extremely dusty or has pet hair, I would recommend using a duster to clean the surface before going back over it with The Ultimate Cloth.

4) I'm not sure if this is a natural characteristic of the MiraFiber, but this cloth has a fresh clean scent.

5) This cloth is clearly meant for cleaning and polishing things like fingerprints and film on glass and other surfaces. It is not meant for heavy duty cleaning for things like spills or anything that has bits or chunks.

6) As I had mentioned, this cloth feels rubbery when wet, so it is able to clean surfaces without causing scratches.

7) The care instructions for this cloth are easy to follow. It is easiest for us to wash it alone in the washing machine and to have it air dry. I do not think we would use it to clean the bathroom or any other areas where germs are the heaviest. This would require us to bleach the cloth after such cleaning and that is not very convenient for a busy household like ours.

Ultimately, we've found that this MiraFiber cloth is perfect for everyday upkeep, but it will not replace paper towels for cleaning up messes. Nor will it replace whatever you are using on areas that are extremely dusty. This product would be great to keep handy in your vehicle's glove box.

Through December 31st, 2009, you are invited to try The Ultimate Cloth for just the cost of the shipping and handling. If you are interested in trying to make your household a little more green, visit to take advantage of this offer.

Thank you to for providing a sample cloth for this review.