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Review: Santa Buddies "The Legend of Santa Paws"

The newly released Blu-ray/DVD combo Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws really put my family of dog-lovers in the mood for Christmas. Even though we have our tree and decorations up, we have all been too busy to enjoy them. This movie was the perfect excuse for us all to sit down together to experience some Christmas magic.

To enjoy the movie, you will just have to accept that people have Santa Claus and dogs have Santa Paws. The main character is Puppy Paws, Santa Paws' son, who decides he has had enough of Christmas 24/7 at the North Pole and wished that it all did not exist and that he could be just a regular dog. This triggers a series of events, which leads to Christmas spirit beginning to plummet all around and the North Pole starting to melt.

The dog catcher Stan Cruge (played by Christopher Lloyd) represents Scrooge for both the people and the dogs. As the story progresses, Puppy Paws realizes how important believing in Christmas really is. Then his pack of new canine friends, plus a couple of old ones from the North Pole, help Puppy Paws to save Christmas and simultaneously warming the heart and renewing the Christmas spirit in Cruge.

Although I thought this movie could have ended in several different places, I still think it is an enjoyable movie for children and all dog-lovers. It answers some questions about Christmas for your children, such as who are those elves and Santas really, who have been spotted at the mall and around town?

You should be able to find Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws on Blu-ray/DVD at the Disney Store and most places where Disney movies are sold both locally and online.