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Review: Sanita Leather Clogs

I have never been a fan of shoes with laces. In fact, I would say about 90% of my shoes are either slip-ons or backless. The other 10% are boots and sneakers for walking or running.

If you have it in your head that clogs are uncomfortable to wear, then you have been misinformed. I can't speak on behalf of wooden clogs, but these women's leather clogs from Sanita are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. The Professional Cabrio clogs have a smooth polished leather upper, which is perfect for a city girl like me.

When I first put on my Sanita clogs, I thought they were a bit heavy and was worried they would be difficult to walk in. I was proven wrong when I was able to feel the natural rocking motion the shape of the soles provide. Walking in these shoes is almost effortless.

Another concern of mine is that the front of the shoe felt hard when I first slipped these clogs on. I wondered if they were going to give me blisters after awhile. Surprisingly, after about 30 minutes, that feeling went away. It does not seem possible for leather to mold to my feet so quickly, so I cannot explain it. These shoes went from slightly uncomfortable to completely comfortable in no time at all.

Sanita recommends keeping these Cabrio clogs polished and clean with a soft dry cloth, but I have not had to perform any maintenance so far. I've worn these shoes for a month and a half and the leather has retained its luster. I am very curious to see how well they will hold up through a New England winter. The rubber soles have a tire tread pattern, so I cannot wait to test them out on the snow and ice.

You can find Sanita Clogs at many specialty shoe retailers, such as The Walking Company. Use the Sanita products store locator to find a retailer near you.

Thank you to Sanita for providing a pair of clogs for this review.