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Review: Puppy Party (DVD)

For the first time in 15+ years, our household is without a canine companion. Although we did have two elderly dogs during my children's lifetime, they never really knew either dog during their playful and active stages. That is why this Puppy Party DVD, which introduces over 25 different breeds of dogs, was so fascinating for my three children.

What I thought about the Puppy Party DVD:

1) I found this DVD to be very engaging for both children and adults. The action was lively and all the puppies, both the big and the small ones, were very endearing.

2) I like the vast variety of breeds covered on this DVD. They even included the Puggle, which is a newer breed of dog.

3) This DVD would be a great tool to help children not to be afraid of dogs. All the puppies shown in the footage were very adorable and social.

4) For the same reason, I do not think this DVD should be used to decide which breed of dog would be a good fit for a household. All the breeds are shown to be friendly and playful, but not all the breeds are ideal for households with children.

5) One of the extra features of this DVD is a section of facts about each breed of dog. This does include a very basic description of temperament and general size, so it is a good place to start, but I would still recommend doing more research before choosing a breed to include in your household.

Be warned . . . the puppies shown on this DVD are so lovable that there is a good chance your children will be asking for a puppy after watching it.

You can currently find this DVD on for just $5.99 .

Thank you to NCircle Entertainment for sending us a copy of this DVD to review.