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Review: Prescription Eyeglasses from GlassesUSA

I had been wearing wide black-rimmed eyeglasses for a few years now. At first, I thought they were cool and different, but recently I decided it was time to stop hiding behind them. I had considered red frames, but thought it may be too drastic of a change, so I decided to go with these "Politico Black" metal frames from GlassesUSA.

These prescription glasses only cost $49.95. This price does not include shipping, handling, and sales tax, but it does include standard prescription single vision lenses with polished edges, a hard carrying case, and a cloth to maintain the lenses. It only costs $14.85 to add all three anti-scratch, anti-reflecting, and UV protective coatings. All other add-ons are ala carte, including 4 levels of thinner lenses, light adjusting lenses, sunglasses, and tinted lenses. After you decide what options meet your needs, the price of your glasses would be a significant savings over what a local optics retailer would charge.

The most intimidating part of shopping for glasses online is selecting a pair of eyeglass frames that will suit your face. This will be tough if you are picking out your first pair of glasses ever. In this case, I would suggest that you go to a store and try on different styles of frames before you go home and order a pair of glasses online. If you already own at least one pair of glasses, then you have an idea of what lens shapes suit your face. You can also measure your existing pair of glasses so that you can judge how the ones you are considering online will fit. Each product page for every pair of frames on GlassesUSA shows each frame's bridge width, temple length, and the width and height of the frame around the lenses. This was extremely helpful to me because I needed frames that were on the smaller side and had a short width on the bridge.

Aside from one of the screws being loose on one of my bridge pads, I have been extremely happy with my glasses from GlassesUSA. The glasses were only slightly heavier than my previous plastic frames. It took a full day for my eyes to get use to the new glasses, which is normal. I did not have any problems with the glasses sitting crooked on my face. The earpieces were comfortable because the side pieces on these frames have a flexible hinge.

On GlassesUSA, you can find a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses for as low as $18. In addition to Free Shipping on orders over $99 you can save an additional 5% when you use Code: Mommy5 at checkout.

Thank you to GlassesUSA for sending me a pair of sample prescription eyeglasses for this review.