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Review: Men's Remington R-5130 Pivot & Flex Rotary Shaver

If you've seen photos of my husband, then you know he always looks like he has a 5 o'clock shadow. I think he usually achieves that by 10am. That's how quickly his beard grows back. I would say that his facial hair is somewhat thick and coarse, so he really needs a good electric shaver to get a close smooth shave.

This R-5130 Pivot & Flex Rotary Shaver from Remington retails for $54.99 . To me, this is a low to middle price range for an electric shaver. My husband has owned razors from all different price ranges, so I was very curious to see how this Remington compares.

What my husband thought about this Remington cordless rechargeable shaver:

1) This shaver is powerful and shaves at least as well as my husband's last razor, which cost almost twice as much. It offers a close quick shave.

2) This razor is very user-friendly when it comes to cleaning. It is waterproof, so it can be rinsed off. Also, the blades pop out individually for easy cleaning. This Remington also comes with a cleaning brush.

3) This shaver comes with pop-up clippers so that my husband can trim along his neckline.

4) My husband never uses the covers that comes with his rotary razors, but I do want to point out that this one does not snap on tightly and comes off fairly easily.

5) The removable charger has a coiled cord so that it is easy to use the razor even when it's charging.

6) There is an extremely easy-to-read prominently located L.E.D. gauge that shows my husband how much charge is left in the razor.

7) The Remington Pivot & Flex technology allows the head to do just that. It pivots a little so that my husband can shave under his chin and on his neck more easily.

8) Although it is nice that this razor is lightweight, it is lightweight because the inside is all plastic instead of stainless steel or another type of metal. This accounts at least partially for the lower price of this model.

9) I also would like to point out that this razor holds its charge well. It was even working right out of the box.

My husband is very happy with the performance of the Remington R-5130. He is concerned that he might damage the interior parts of this razor if he drops it accidentally. Although it shaves just as well, he does not think that this razor would last as long as a higher end razor, for which he would only need to replace the blades rather than replace the entire shaver. On the other hand, it does cost $30-$50 to replace the blades depending on which razor you own, so it would not be the end of the world to replace the entire razor for $54.99 every 2 or 3 years.

If you are looking for an affordable razor that offers a close shave, then you should definitely consider this one from Remington's Pivot & Flex line. To learn more about this rotary shaver, visit . You should be able to find the R-5130 most places where Remington products are sold.

Thank you to Remington for providing a Pivot & Flex shaver for this review.