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Review: G-Force (Blu-ray/DVD)

Our kindergartner is at the age where he is on the fence about movies with live action. Either the film is directed and produced in a way that completely captures his attention or he just zones out and becomes bored. There is no in between. So how did this movie about the government using animals for espionage do as far as impressing our son?

Well, I'm happy to report that G-Force, which just came out in a Blu-ray/DVD combo, did succeed to draw my son in. Names like Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz do not mean anything to a kindergartner, but they did make my husband and I more curious to watch this movie.

I have to say that my husband enjoyed this film very much. Although it is clearly made for children, it did reference adult movies, such as Die Another Day (the 2002 James Bond film) and Apocalypse Now. G-Force successfully brings espionage down to a child's level. The movie was exciting, yet it was not frightening. Although our nearly 3yr old twins somewhat understand the concept of "good guy vs bad guy", the idea of global domination was far beyond their grasp. Still I think our younger son enjoyed some of the action, but his twin sister was not interested in the film at all.

This DVD contained many bonus features. "Blaster's Boot Camp", "G-Farce" (Bloopers), and the deleted scenes were my favorite. Our kindergartner enjoyed the music videos very much, especially the one for "Go G-Force".

This film is definitely a family movie. It appeals to children 5+ and has enough of a 007 and Mission Impossible flair to it to keep the adults entertained. Plus an excellent job was done personifying each animal which makes them both endearing and believable.

You can find this G-Force Blu-ray/DVD combo at the Disney Store and most places where children's movies are sold.

Thank you to Click-Communications for sending us a retail copy of G-Force for this review.