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Review: Disney Deluxe Snow White Doll and Wardrobe Play Set

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about when my nearly 3yr old daughter might be ready for her first fashion doll. Well, since the opportunity presented itself, we decided to give a test run.

After recently viewing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition on DVD, my little princess was delighted to see the beautiful Snow White right in front of her in her own home. To make it even sweeter, this Disney Deluxe Snow White and Wardrobe Play Set comes with two additional outfits.

Between the princess, peasant, and wedding gowns, my daughter's favorite is the princess gown. Not only is that the dress she remembers from the Disney film, but it also has a colorful jeweled bodice and an exquisite golden skirt. I personally think that Snow White looks regal even in the modest peasant dress. Although this play set comes with three outfits, there are only two pairs of shoes. I would have loved to have seen a third pair of shoes included to accompany the wedding gown.

Although my daughter treats her Snow White doll as precious while she is playing with her, she will often leave her behind when her attention is drawn elsewhere and will not think to put the doll somewhere safe. For this reason, I've kept the extra outfits, cape, head band, and both pairs of shoes in the box. I should have thought to also put the head band the doll was wearing into the box because sadly it has gone missing.

I definitely think this Snow White doll would be a cherished gift, whether it's for a little girl who will enjoy years of playing with her or for a collector who may enjoy the doll kept pristine in her box. If you are purchasing for a collector, these Disney Doll and Wardrobe Play Sets are also available for several other Disney Princesses, including Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, and the new Tiana. You can track them down at the Disney Store and on .

Thank to Disney Consumer Products for providing a toy sample for this review.