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"The Human Spark" Premiers on PBS in January 2010

The Human Spark is a 3-part series, which will make its debut on PBS on January 6th, 13th, and 20th in 2010. Hosted by Alan Alda, this series explores the question about what makes human beings different from other animals. It also asks why the Neanderthal became extinct, while another similar group caught "the human spark" and evolved into modern human beings?

If you have a child who is grade school-aged or older and enjoys discovery-type shows, then this would be an interesting series to watch together. The Human Spark does not present any concepts that are too advanced, but it also is not geared towards young children. You may need to explain the significance of some of the findings being discussed in parts of each segment.

If you have your own ideas about what makes humans human, then you can share your thoughts with The Human Spark. Share Your Spark by submitting your photos & artwork, videos, or original writing here. Your submission could be selected to be included on the Human Spark website. Make sure you read the Share Your Spark rules before making your submission.

Thank you to DKC News and PBS for providing a screener DVD to facilitate this article.