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For Better or For Worse: Define Emergency

The past week or so, all three children have not been sleeping well. We've even taken away naps completely. Still, they will call or cry for us a few times per night each. Sometimes the reasons seem valid, but other times not so much.

Both my husband and I are exhausted and we've pretty much had enough, so he decided it was time for a pre-bedtime speech. In this speech he reiterated that if they cannot sleep, they are welcome to stay in their beds quietly and are not to wake us up unless it is a "true emergency". These are the examples he used for true emergencies . . .

  • Having a big monster truck driving through their bedroom
  • Having Darth Vader standing in the corner of their room, pointing and giggling at them
  • Having a big moose sitting on their head
  • Their hair being on fire (which really isn't very funny)
  • Having an elephant in their bed