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Christmas 2009: Lunch and Gifts at My Sister's & BIL's House

Our first stop on Christmas Day was my sister's and brother-in-law's house. My parents also live in an in-law apartment there, so it was the perfect place to have a little lunch and to exchange gifts.

We had lots of kid-friendly finger foods. Throw in some colorfully wrapped toys and books and we have ourselves a fun afternoon. Everyone was too generous this year. My parents bought us a 17" laptop and my sister and BIL surprised us with a 4-piece luggage set. Now my husband and I are all set for Blogher 2010!

I think the biggest hit was the toy vacuum for Luke. All three children have been fighting over it since it was opened on Christmas Day.

I wanted to steal the cuddly New England Patriots blanket my father received. I don't really watch football, but I might start if I could snuggle up in that!