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Two New POM Flavors plus a POM Wonderful Recipe Contest

If you have not seen these in stores yet, I wanted all you POM fans to know that two varieties of pomegranate juice blends have recently been added to the POM Wonderful juice line . . . Kiwi and Nectarine. Although these blends still retained the flavor of the natural pomegranate juice, they were not as tart as the 100% pomegranate juice.

My husband is a big fan of the pure pomegranate juice, but he did enjoy both these new varieties of POM. He especially thought that the POM Nectarine was very smooth to drink. I am someone who cannot take the tartness of the 100% pomegranate juice, but thought that these blends were something I could definitely drink in small amounts, especially if it benefits my health.


Through November 30th, 2009, you can submit your recipe using POM Wonderful pomegranates, including a photo, for your chance to become the 2010 POM Featured Blogger. The Featured Blogger will write one blog post per month from February through December of 2010 in exchange for $363/month. That is a total of $4,000 by the end of 2010. Not too shabby, huh? Go here for the contest details.