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Tips For Slaying Vampire Power

What is "vampire power"?

"Vampire power / Vampire energy / Standby energy = the energy used by appliances, electronics, and other devices while they are turned off or in Stand-by mode"

6 things you can do at home to reduce your vampire power usage:

1) Physically unplug electronic devices when not in use.

2) Use the real on/off switch on the back of your PCs.

3) Unplug your device or notebook chargers when not in use or use "smart" power strips that stop the flow of electricity once your device is fully charged.

4) Buy "Energy Star qualified" electronics in the future.

5) Consider purchasing a device that measures your power usage so that you know where the most energy is wasted.

6) Look into a wireless home energy control system to make turning things off less of a chore.

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