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Silly Monkey Stories: A Stunt Monkey

Almost two years ago, Santa brought Makenzie this doll and doll bunk bed for her first Christmas. Before she could even walk, Makenzie learned to climb up into the top bunk and sit there like a princess on her throne. As a result, we had to put the bunk bed aside until she was old enough to understand that sitting on a doll's bed was dangerous.

About six months ago, my husband and I decided that she was old enough to have the doll bed next to her toddler bed so her dolls could sleep with her, but not take up her whole bed. Everything seemed to be working out fine until a few weeks ago.

I was sitting on my bed typing away, just like I am now, when I heard a big thundering crash followed by Makenzie crying, "Mommy, help me!" So I rushed to her room to find her standing inside the doll bed. She had tried to stand on the top bunk and fell through both levels. The bunkie boards only rest on a lip around the edges. We are so lucky she did not get seriously hurt except for a scrape on the top of her foot.

After this scare, we ended up taking the bottom bunk out of the equation. So now she has just a single layer doll bed. We couldn't have done this too soon because the other night I heard another loud noise. When I went into Makenzie's room to check on her, she was sitting on her bed looking as innocent as she could and I could see that the board from the bed had fallen through again. After that huge scare, she still tried to stand on the bed again! What are we going to do with her?

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